Windows Smart Files...
In order to reduce the amount of confusion that end users might have in identifying the role of certain files that they have on their hard drives, Windows 2000 now incorporates "smart" file extensions to aid end users in support and troubleshooting issues.

Please consult this reference guide before calling Microsoft or any authorized Microsoft Support Services vendor:
..god - Files developed by Microsoft

..crap - 3rd party files - Adult image files on an unmarried males computer - Adult image files on a married males computer

..easyaccess - Undocumented security flaws in Explorer, Outlook, and IIS

..forsakendreams - Unfinished novels and short stories

..lewinsky - Letters to your mistress

..jackson - Information files on your illegitimate children

..bush - New compression format that give you 1.6 Trillion times more disk space but may increase the amount of arsenic and CO that your computer produces

..china - Files that will hold 24 other files hostage if any attempts are made to reference the operating system.

..greenspan - New products that attempt to prevent overuse of the computer by dynamically adjusting the amount of memory your computer has available (adjusted quarterly).
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