I Will Study, God Will Provide

A rich girl and a poor boy fall in love and decide to marry.
The girl's father is strongly against such a decision, but after a long argument, the daughter finally gets her way. The father agrees that the two can marry, but he insists on meeting the man before the date is set. His daughter agrees and invites her fiancé over for dinner.

Dinner goes well. Then, afterwards, the father invites his future son-in-law into the study. The father asks him what he does for a living, to which the boy replies,

"I am a religious man; I study the Testaments."

The father then asks, "How are you going to support my daughter's high living standard."

The boy replies, "I will study, and God will provide."

The father, now losing his patience asks, "How will you afford a nice place to live? "

The boy again replies, "I will study, and God will provide."

For over an hour, the questioning continued and the same answers were heard, "I will study, and God will provide." The interrogation finally ends. The happy couple expresses their thanks for the lovely meal, and then leave. Later in the evening, the wife asks her husband how his discussion with their daughter's boyfriend went. The father replies,

"Well, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that the boy has no job, no money, and no chance of ever providing for our daughter."

The mother then says, "Certainly there must be some good news!"

The father replies, "The boy thinks I'm God."
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