Top-10 Signs That You
Purchased a Bad Spreadsheet

10.  A sticker on the box reads, Now Supports DOS 1.2

9.   It is part of a software suite called "Office Schmoffice."

8.   User testimonials on the box are written in Arabic.

7.   The help file consists of three words: "Don't ask me."

6.   The Setup diskette reads, "Disk 1 of 1".

5.   The Setup routine displays "Another Sucker" as the default user name.

4.   The user manual is scribbled on the back of an old envelope.

3.   The technical support phone number is 555-1212.

2.   The only way to get a hard copy of your work is to photograph the screen.

1.   When you press F9, a message box tells you to dig out your calculator.

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