Shepherd meets account manager...
A shepherd and his sheep are in a deserted field. Suddenly a brandnew Mercedes appears and a gentle young man wearing an expensive suit gets out of the car and says to the shepherd:

Can I have one of your sheep if I can guess how much there are out there?

The shepherd says: sure, why not.

The guy takes his laptop, plugs in his mobile phone and connects to the NASA website to determine his exact location. Then he transmits the data to another NASA satelite, which scans the whole area. He downloads the picture of the area and opens it with Paintshop and emails it to a laboratory in Germany, which replies after a few seconds that his picture is examined and stored.

With ODBC he makes a connection with an MySQL database and with an Excel sheet with hundreds of complicated formulas he generates an answer of about 100 pages, which he is printing out using his full color mini laserjet.

He says: You have 825 sheep.

Well, the shepherd says, that's exactly right, so you may take one of my sheep.

The guy gets one and puts it in his trunk.

Then the shepherd says: If I can guess what you are doing for a living, can I have my animal back?

Okay, why not, the guy replied.

The shepherd: Your are an account manager.

Unbelievable, says the guy. How did you know that?

The shepherd: Well, that's easy.

You turn up without having asked you to come,

You ask a question nobody is waiting for,

You want to get paid for an answer which I already knew,

and you don't know a shit about my business, so give back my dog now.

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